/New and used Winter Tires

New and used Winter Tires

The winter season is coming, and it is time to get new winter tires for your car. You can find a wide variety of products from cambridge auto source.A tire is a tire, but not all tires are made the same. If you are looking for traction in snow or ice, then you should buy winter tires that have a higher level of grip on these surfaces.

With the right set of tires, you will be able to keep your vehicle safe during the coldest days of the year. Cambridge Auto Source have many options available in Canada that come with rims so that you can use them as well as store them easily when they are not in use.

We promise to target your needs from the moment you pull into our lot.
Should you own a family sedan, minivan, crossover, SUV or a small truck - WE HAVE THE TIRES FOR THE JOB!

We have the expertise of the tire market, the types of vehicles and the tire needs of the public.

Get your hands on the vast variety of over 4000 New & Used tires available in the core of Cambridge, Kitchener - Waterloo area. Our incredible inventory can be purchased in any makes, sets, pairs as well as singles. We have unbeatable prices, best quality snow tires and *FREE* Balancing together with Installation while you wait in our cozy waiting room.

Cambridge Auto Source has blossomed a reputation for constantly aiming to provide service to ensure that we match your vehicle with a suitable tire.

There is no customer that we cannot help. Our versatility is our greatest asset and we are always happy to help! Cambridge Auto Source is a business that is to be here for you!

Come meet Riyaz and the team and get on the road with Cambridge Auto Source located at 1567 Eagle St N, Cambridge. Telephone: 519.650.5997.

New and Used winter tires or snow tires

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